• 14-hole-side

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This aluminum end cap with 14 holes is for use on the 4″ Series Watertight Enclosure.

This aluminum end cap with 14 x 10mm holes is for use with Watertight Enclosure for ROV/AUV (4″ Series). We designed these end caps to have a greater depth rating than the clear acrylic end caps. Depth rating to be determined.


  • 1 x Aluminum End Cap with 14 x 10mm holes
  • 6 x M3x12 screws



Holes 14 x 10 mm
Thickness 0.24 in 6 mm
Weight 0.34 lb 156 g
Installed Weight in Water (Salt)
Material 6061 or 6063 Aluminum
Finish Type 2 Hard Anodizing

Additional Information

Weight .156 kg

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