Celsius Fast-Response, ±0.1°C Temperature Sensor (PCB)

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This board-level version of the Celsius Temperature Sensor can be tightly integrated into projects or used in dry environments.

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The Celsius temperature sensor is a fast-response, high-accuracy temperature sensor. We have a sealed and protected version available here, but this unsealed board-level version is great for integrating directly into projects and for use in dry environments.

The sensor is the Measurement Specialties TSYS01, which is accurate to ±0.1°C and communicates over I2C. It operates on 3.3V I2C voltage but can accept power input up to 5.5V. It includes four solder pads for ground, 3.3V-5.5V power, and 3.3V I2C lines.

The TSYS01 sensor itself has a fast time response and we designed the whole package to maintain that speed.

The electrical schematic and board layout are open-source and the design files are available below. Feel free to adapt for your own needs.


  • 1 x Celsius Temperature Sensor (PCB Only)



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